Hi. We’re Interfinish.

We are a service company, who happens to install flooring and provide flooring maintenance to our customers as well. It’s nice to meet you.

Specializing in impossible

Some flooring companies specialize in maintenance.  Other companies specialize in installation. When Interfinish was founded in 1990 we wanted to differentiate ourselves from our competition.  First we tried using bubble gum instead of glue to hold the flooring down, but that didn’t work out well.  Then we tried using hand knitted carpet, but that didn’t work out so well either.

And then it hit us… we would specialize in the impossible.  We would hire only experts, only people with the same “do whatever it takes to get the job done right” attitude that we have.  Because everyone uses glue and carpet and razor knifes; not everyone has the experienced, knowledgeable, committed, and talented team that Interfinish does.

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